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Board of Directors

Mike Dunafon
Mike DunafonBoard Member
Mike Dunafon is the ninth Mayor of Glendale in its 60-year history. Prior to his election, Mayor Dunafon served as mayor pro tem for eight years and has been a member of the Glendale Planning Commission since 1999 and chairman since 2004.

A Colorado native, Mayor Dunafon has been a major player in initiating and shepherding the extraordinary 14-year transformation of the small City of Glendale into an entertainment capitol and internationally-known city. This transformation began when Dunafon first chaired the Strategic Planning Initiative in 1998. The Glendale citizens clearly sent a strong message: they wanted a new identity — a more vibrant Glendale.

Co-founding the first Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Dunafon launched a full-time effort to collaboratively unite the residences and businesses of the city into a single vision.

Mayor Dunafon was instrumental in establishing a community-wide newspaper, “The Glendale News,” which subsequently became “The Glendale / Cherry Creek Chronicle,” currently mailed to 85,000 homes and businesses in the area.

With the mayor’s guidance, Glendale became the first city in the United States to adopt rugby as the sole and official sport of the city, and today Glendale is known as “Rugbytown USA.”

Dunafon has a B.A. from the University of Northern Colorado, where he lettered for four years and was part of the All-Conference team. He signed contracts to play with the Denver Broncos in 1976 and 1977. His rugby career began in 1978 with the British Virgin Islands RFC and continued until 1992. He has a USA Rugby Level 3 coaching certification. 

Deborah A. Dunafon
Deborah A. DunafonBoard Member
Mrs. Dunafon has been a business and community leader in Glendale, Colorado for almost 30 years. She was a co-founder of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce in 1999 as well as its predecessor the Glendale Business Association and she remains a board member of the Chamber today. From one of Colorado’s pioneer families, she retains the original ranch house and surrounding acreage of her settlor ancestors that is adjacent to Red Rock’s Amphitheatre near Morrison. Her family donated much of the land for the Matthews/Winter Park to Jefferson County Open Space. She is the proprietor of the Historic Morrison Church and is an owner of the Dunafon Castle astride Bear Creek.

In her youth, she aspired to sing opera and studied under the internationally renowned Antonia Brico. She, however, elected instead to attended Colorado State University, the University of Colorado, Boulder and Texas Christian University and saw the country and the world as a flight attendant for United Airlines.

She became a mother of three children, a Girl Scout leader and PTA president. But after a difficult divorce all she was left with to support herself and her children was a majority interest in a nightclub in Glendale called Shotgun Willie’s which she turned into a nationally famous watering hole. She is also the president and an owner of the adjacent Smokin Gun Apothecary, a popular marijuana dispensary.

Debbie played women’s rugby and is a first-class horse woman with an emphasis in dressage. She loves all things that move with some alacrity, including Harley Davidson motorcycles and souped-up trucks. She has served on the Board of the Glendale YMCA and was voted Glendale Business Leader of the Year in 2012. The Chamber’s annual Community Involvement Award is named after her.

Tyler Mintz
Tyler MintzBoard Member
Tyler has been a fitness enthusiast virtually his whole life.   His mother is a staunch believer in fitness and introduced him to lifting weights at age five.   Tyler enjoyed several sports as a kid including football, wrestling, track, basketball, baseball, and rugby.    In high school and college, Tyler was honored to represent the USA in the sport of rugby on the USA Under 19 team.  He played in two world cups in seven different countries, starting in thirteen international games.   Tyler has also played intermittently for the Glendale Raptors from 2008 to 2012.   Tyler graduated from the University of Denver with honors and since then, he has been involved with several businesses, either managing or in an ownership capacity.   He loves spending time with his family, and can be found with his wife and son hunting, fishing backpacking and hiking.

Tyler strongly believes that athletics is paramount for youth, and the body must be one with the mind and spirit in order to live life to its full potential.    Knowing that you can master body is the first step to knowing that you can master your life!

Lindsey Mintz
Lindsey MintzBoard Member
Over the past ten years, Lindsey has made a name for herself in the fitness community with big-name sponsorships, print articles, and victories in fitness competitions.  She won the most prestigious amateur event in the United States, the Arnold Classic, and established herself as a fitness pro in the WBFF, during which time she traveled the world doing fitness competitions.  She recently placed first in her age group in the Reebok Spartan Race, was featured in Strong Fitness Magazine in the article “Women to Watch,” and earned her certification from the USA Olympic Committee in Weightlifting.

​Lindsey is currently the owner of multiple businesses, an active Councilwoman for the City of Glendale and an avid weightlifter and CrossFit enthusiast.  She resides in Glendale, Colorado with her husband and step-son where you can find them enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Lindsey has brought​ her experience in fitness and business to this organization.  She has an extreme passion for mentoring youth through athletics and keeping kids “out of the system.”  As an athlete from early in her youth, Lindsey truly understands the importance of athletics and how lessons and skills learned in this arena successfully translate into life.

Barret O'Brien
Barret O'BrienBoard Member
J. Barret O’Brien is owner of O’Brien Rugby, a rugby apparel manufacturer in Denver, Colorado that imports product from all over the world. He is also owner of Custom Printing Services which offers print, apparel and promotional products to the corporate world. Barret serves as an advisor to several non-profit organizations. Barret is a Denver native and currently resides there with his wife and twin daughters.
Board Member
Jeffery Denard Tyler, also known as Tiny, is a manager at the world famous Shotgun Willie’s and owner of BDR. Raised in Park Hill, his love for athletics stretch back to his childhood days. As one of Colorado’s best defensive tackles he also was a offensive tackle, fullback, punter and kicker. No longer playing football he now has a strong passion for bodybuilding and powerlifting. He has one daughter and lives everyday by his favorite quote, family first always.
Rich Gilman
Rich GilmanBoard Member
Rich is a graduate of Iowa State University with a B.B.A. in Accounting. He moved to the Denver area in 1987, where he has been employed as a certified public accountant. Rich has had a long-term relationship with many of his individual and business clients, which operate in a variety of industries. His work includes extensive experience in taxation, financial analysis, accounting and business consulting. In addition, he has been active in several nonprofit and professional organizations. Rich also enjoys spending time with family and friends, mountain sports and traveling.
Jeff Allen
Jeff AllenBoard Member
Jeff is the current Chief Operating Officer for the Chamber and has been a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors since 2003.  In his extra time he coaches the offensive line at Mullen High School, and he has served as the Chair of the Board for Transportation Solutions, a non-profit organization focused on transportation challenges in Glendale neighborhoods.
Patrick Carroll
Patrick CarrollBoard Member
As a Professional Engineer, Patrick and his wife (Brittany) operate their family’s construction company in Sedalia, CO. A graduate of Colorado School of Mines and J.K. Mullen high school and a former member of the Glendale Raptors he participated in team sports and athletics all his life. As a father of two, he recognizes the massive positive impact these can have on people’s lives and hopes to pass the lessons he’s learned on. Mentors and Coaches can provide so many lessons through the opportunities physical activities provide and the Dunafon Family Foundation is a wonderful place to help provide at risk youth with those positive role models.
Brittany Carroll
Brittany CarrollBoard Member
Registered Nurse by day, Chicken/Duck Farmer and Mother of two by night, is a Colorado native and born sports enthusiast. A Mother Hen herself, Brittany has thrived while taking care of others, from her college volleyball teammates to her current patients, family and friends. Brittany fins physical activity to be some of the best medicine and regards this organization as the perfect avenue to spread the love of all sports and the positive aspects they bring.

Ad Hoc Board

Charles Feldmann
Partner, Feldmann Nagel LLC

David Peterson
Owner, Bull & Bush Brewery

Jan Maruyama
Owner, Snacks on the Go

Gwen Smiley
Event Advisor

Clayton Mills
Cherry Creek Athletic Club

Mauris Washington
Owner, Executive Talk

Chris Dickerson
Denver Business Journal

Steve Binder
Branch Manager, R.W. Baird

Steve Roper
Owner, Roper Insurance

Dragan Kojic
Owner, A Five Star Limo

Todd Clever
USA Rugby Eagle
Co-Owner, Strategic Partner and Athlete- Huns Rugby Management/Austin Huns

Mark Bullock
Glendale Raptors Rugby

Nick Moscia
Marketing/Social Media Advisor

Barb Senkala
Owner, SenkaleMedia

Rick Langley
Owner, Western Maintenance and Construction

Sandi Hewins
Realtor Extraordinaire, Top 1% in Colorado

Melissa Wagner
Legacy Wealth Partners

Andrew Wagner
The Custom Foot

Dave Williams
Men’s Head Coach, Glendale Raptors Rugby

Padre Ruiz
General Manager- The T Bar

Jennifer Matheson
Stately Insurance Corporation

Nick Gilbreath
Owner, CrossFit Mafia

Greg Walker
Owner, CrossFit Golden

Diana Carroll
Owner, DRC Construction Services, Inc

Nick Richards
Dill, Dill, Carr, Stonbraker & Hutchings, PC

Fred Davis

BJ Brown
Owner, Real Deal Meals and Fitness

Matt Rauvi
Owner, Colorado Pro Gym

Tom Johnson
Owner, Pinnacle Tactics

Gary Reisman
Fitness Advisor

Ryan Potts
Fitness Advisor

Ben Stanislawski
Fitness Advisor

James O’Brien
Gill Capital Partners

Annette Gilman
Owner, Scrum Enterprises, LLC

Chief Joe Haskins
Glendale Police Department